MDT- McKenzie back treatment

Do you suffer from back pain? The McKenzie Method is a fast and reliable way to separate those patients who would benefit from manual therapy from those in need of surgery.

The McKenzie Method helps with back pains

Mechanical diagnosis and treatment starts with defining the nature of the patient’s discomfort. The focus is on analysing the symptoms in relation to certain repeated movements of spine and long lasting positions.

Treatment consists of specific exercises, posture management instruction, movements and prevention as well as teaching first aid instructions to prevent worsening of new pain episodes. The exercises ALWAYS start first with the positions and movements performed by the patient, and only if it’s necessary the treatment gradually progresses to the techniques performed by the therapist.

The self-care exercises form an individualized first aid for the patient for a possible next episode to prevent symptoms from getting worse. The principle is to teach the patient to take care of themselves, and to minimize the dangers of a new episode and to cope with their recurrent back pain episode on their own.

The McKenzie Method is a quick and reliable way to identify those patients who would benefit from the mechanical therapy quickly, slowly or not at all. The Method also helps to identify those patients who might need surgery, other medical treatment or therapy.

The main goals of the treatment are:

  • Remove pain
  • Restore perfect function of the spine
  • Prevent recurrence and progressive exacerbation of the disorder

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Why choose MDT- McKenzie Back Rehabilitation

Mechanical diagnosis

Prevents future pain episodes

Self-care exercises

Quick way to find out the severity of the problem