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Massaging is one of the oldest forms of treatment in human history. The working of the soft tissue by hand can have many benefits from relaxation to treating pain. Massage is a part of our wide range of body care services.

Massage in Rovaniemi

Massage is a form of soft tissue treatment and it’s suitable for all ages. It’s generally used for stress relief, easing pain and recovering from strains. Massaging improves metabolism, skin elasticity and invigorates the mind.

All the massage services at Lapin Liikuntaklinikka are performed by educated professionals. The experience and expertise of our staff in musculoskeletal functions ensure that none of our client’s problems get overlooked. In addition to treating muscles our massage therapists help with finding the cause of the pain and can suggest solutions.

The benefits of massage

  • eases pain
  • helps recovering after exercise
  • reduces stress
  • improves metabolism
  • relaxes the mind and body

Choose a service

Professionals with extensive experience

We have a wide range of health care professionals working here at Lapin Liikuntaklinikka with your best interest in mind.
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Why massage?

Individual care

Massages are customized according to individual needs

Maintains muscle health

Maintains the elasticity of muscles and the mobility of joints

Tips for home

Includes useful stretching tips for home

For different needs

Massage helps with everything from work related pain to sport related issues.

Frequently asked questions about massage

  • How does massage work?

    Massage is the manual working of the soft tissue of the body. Massage improves metabolism and blood flow, relaxes muscles, eases muscle-related tension and helps get rid of toxins in the body. Massage also helps to prevent sprains and strains.

  • Why am I sore after massage?

    Massage puts a strain on the muscles which can show up as muscle soreness. With some clients it can be a case of the body being so used to muscle tension that it stops reacting to pain stimulus. The phenomenon is called numbing. When the nerves start to react to stimulus again the body can feel sore. The symptoms give important information for the choice of future treatment.

  • What’s the difference between regular massage and sports massage?

    The biggest difference between classic massage and sports massage is the end goal because the means are still the same. In sports massage you must take into account competition- and training season for the treatment to fit the occasion. Classic massage is meant for fixing muscle tension and improving joint mobility and sports massage is meant for, on top of those things, getting rid of lactic acid and aiding recovery.