Kela’s medical rehabilitation

Lapin Liikuntaklinikka organizes Kela’s medical rehabilitation in Rovaniemi. Rehabilitation helps the client to cope better with everyday activities.

Kela’s medical rehabilitation in Rovaniemi

Kela’s medical rehabilitation is organized by Kela for the severely disabled under the age of 65 and reimburses the costs of rehabilitation. The purpose of rehabilitation is to help the client cope better with everyday activities and work despite illness or injury.

The goal of rehabilitation is to secure or improve work and functional capacity. Our company provides an open therapy service to Kela’s severely disabled medical rehabilitation clients.

A severely disabled person is considered to be a person who:

  • requires rehabilitation lasting at least a year due to an illness, disability or injury that causes general medical and functional harm.
  • has considerable difficulty or strain in coping with daily activities at home, at school, at work and in other life situations outside public institutional care.

In addition, a person is required to receive:

  • increased or maximum disability allowance for persons under 16 years of age
  • increased or maximum possible disability allowance for those over 16 years of age
  • increased or maximum care allowance for pensioner or
  • maximum care allowance for those over 16 years of age for the rest duration of the invalidity pension.

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Kela’s medical rehabilitation

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