Fascial manipulation

Affected by tennis elbow? What about distemper? Fascial manipulation can be beneficial for you as it reduces pain, improves range of motion and physical performance.

Fascial manipulation in Rovaniemi

Fascial manipulation is used to treat muscular membrane pain conditions and dysfunctions. Friction massage is part of a versatile treatment package, which also includes the correction of incorrect movement patterns. Muscle membrane manipulation can be used to treat many long-term muscle pains for which no relief has been found elsewhere.

In fascial manipulation, a deep friction massage is given to the fascia point for 3-4 minutes. The treatment can be given with the fingers, knuckles, whole hand or elbow. Friction massage collects tissue fluid to the muscle membrane and restores its slipperiness. The patient often feels an improvement in the function of the muscle membranes immediately after fascial manipulation. Often, a particular muscle membrane chain is treated from the front and its antagonist chain from behind – or symmetrically both the right and left side chains.

Fascial manipulation helps with the following ailments:

  • visceral symptoms
  • chronic tennis elbow
  • distemper
  • heel and plantar pain conditions
  • headache symptoms
  • tightening scars
  • swelling

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Why fascial manipulation?

Treatment of muscle membrane pain conditions

Relieves long-term muscle pain

Improves muscle membrane slipperiness

Treatment includes repair of motion trajectories