Dynamic taping

Dynamic taping is a new method for relieving pain and increasing athletic performance. Thanks to its elasticity, the tape stretches in all directions.

Dynamic taping in Rovaniemi

Dynamic tape is a new flexible tape that stretches in all directions. With multiple layers, the effect is enhanced. Dynamic tape is suitable for the treatment of weakened, broken or overloaded muscle. It can relieve pain in movement and make training easier. Dynamic tape works to support the arch of the foot, ankle, toes, fingers, wrist, knee, shoulder, elbow and back, for example.

Help with the following ailments:

  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • neurological diseases
  • disorders of pelvic floor muscles, e.g. urinary incontinence, intercourse pain
  • occlusion problems
  • increases postoperative performance

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Why dynamic taping?

Stretches in all directions

Layers can be added

Can be used to control trajectories

Suitable for the treatment of weak or overloaded muscle