Sports physiotherapy

When you need rehabilitation for sports injuries or help in preventing them, our sports physiotherapists are at your service.

Sports physiotherapy in Rovaniemi

Sports physiotherapy aims to prevent injuries and support the optimization of recovery from training. In the event of an injury, we work with doctors, athletes and coaches, with the goal of returning to sports as quickly and safely as possibly.

Based on physiotherapeutic examination, physical performance testing, and assessment of coordination and balance, our sports physiotherapist develops individual training guidelines to prevent injuries as well as to rehabilitate them. In addition to testing and exercise guidance, the sports physiotherapist uses a variety of manual treatments for joints, muscles and muscle membranes to achieve optimal performance level.

The many benefits of sports physiotherapy:

  • Helps to optimize sports performance and results
  • Effective way to prevent injuries
  • Makes recovering after a sports injury possible

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Why sports physiotherapy?

Helps you to achieve better performances

Individual exercise instructions prevent injuries

Safe and effective injury rehabilitation

Versatile tests and manual therapy

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