Speech therapy

Speech therapy is a medical rehabilitation that improves the client’s ability to function and communicate in everyday life from school to work.

Speech therapy in Rovaniemi

A key starting point is a good interaction between the client and the speech therapist.

At the start of therapy, an individual therapy plan is made. The therapy plan is always based on a speech therapy examination or assessment performed by either the referring speech therapist or the one responsible for the rehabilitation, or both.

Procedures or time goals are agreed with the customer or his or her relatives.

What does speech therapy involve?

  • Individual therapy plan
  • Always based on a speech therapy plan
  • The methods are agreed separately
  • Time targets are also negotiable

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When is speech therapy useful?

When language and speech development is delayed

There are problems in understanding or producing speech

With eating and swallowing problems

Communication is hampered by injury or illness

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