Individualized physiotherapy helps when sports injuries or work-related aches and pains limit your life. Come take your well-being to a new level.

Physical therapy in Rovaniemi

The goal of physiotherapy is to maintain and improve people’s ability to function and move. The key task of physiotherapy is to evaluate the patient’s general health, mobility, functional ability and to make an assessment in his or her operating environment.

The physiotherapist also assesses the need for aids and guides their use. The rehabilitee is activated and instructed to take responsibility for his or her own health, functionality and choices related to their promotion in cooperation with other experts.

Physiotherapy is part of the public and private social, health and rehabilitation service system.

Physical therapy helps with the following issues:

  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • neurological diseases
  • pelvic floor muscle symptoms, eg urinary incontinence, intercourse pain
  • occlusion disorders
  • increasing postoperative functioning

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Why physiotherapy?

Suitable for both elite athletes and those suffering from work-related pain

Maintains and improves performance

Includes assessment and guidance of aid needs

A holistic approach is better than individual treatments

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