Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, such as urinary incontinence and pelvic floor pain conditions, can be treated and prevented with physiotherapy.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy in Rovaniemi

Lapin Liikuntaklinikka offers pelvic floor physiotherapy, which is one of the specialties of physiotherapy. The goal of pelvic floor physiotherapy is to prevent and treat pelvic floor muscle disorders.

Each client is given a personal and individual treatment plan, which usually includes pelvic floor muscle testing, guided exercises and, if necessary, electrotherapy. In addition to the pelvic floor muscles, the plan also takes into account other muscle groups. Rehabilitation is suitable for children, women and men regardless of age.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help with the following ailments:

  • urinary and faecal retention problems
  • uterine prolapse
  • pelvic floor pain conditions
  • sexual dysfunction
  • dysfunctions associated with neurological diseases

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Why pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Individualized treatment plan

Treatment also takes into account other muscle groups

Suitable for children, women and men regardless of age

The treatment plan may include testing and practice

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