Instrument-assisted muscle membrane treatment

Treatment with instruments relieves, for example, tendon pain conditions, headache symptoms and tightening scars by reducing tissue pressure.

Instrument-assisted treatment of muscle membranes in Rovaniemi

Fascia massage tools can be used to treat muscle membranes. The tool opens the muscle membranes, releasing the membrane and relieving the pain. The treatment time is from half a minute to three and the treatment can be given as a single treatment or as a series depending on the duration and severity of the ailment. In overload, the body becomes unbalanced. Lack of oxygen begins to enter the muscle cells. The nerves that sense pain and the sensory organs send a message to the brain that there is pressure and tightness in the tissues. Due to the pain, the trajectories shorten and the tension in the unbalanced muscles increases.

Treatment is helpful for the following ailments:

  • tendon area pains
  • chronic tennis elbow
  • distemper
  • heel and plantar pain conditions
  • headache symptoms
  • tightening scars

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Why instrument-assisted muscle membrane treatment?

As a single treatment or as a series

Processing time from half a minute to three

Helps when your body is overloaded

Reduces muscle membrane tension

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