Footbalance insoles are helpful when you have foot pain. The insoles are shaped to fit your feet at the Lapin Liikuntaklinikka in Rovaniemi.

Functional FootBalance insoles in Rovaniemi

FootBalance’s 100% individual insoles can prevent injuries. FootBalance’s foot analysis identifies your foot type and individual insoles are shaped based on it. FootBalance’s individual insoles guide your feet to a neutral position, reducing strain, which helps to improve the alignment of your entire body.

The Footbalance insole is helpful for the following ailments:

  • lower limb pain conditions
  • lower limb misalignments
  • back pain
  • tired legs
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the fibrous tissue
  • Bunions aka Hallux Valgus

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Why FootBalance insoles?

Prevent injuries

Custom insoles just for you

Reduce strain

The alignment of the whole body improves

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