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Physiotherapy and sports doctor services in Rovaniemi

Everybody moves – some more, others less – but at Lapin Liikuntaklinikka you receive great care from our experts in physiotherapy and sports medicine, regardless of your athletic background. We serve our customers in our two clinics (one in Ounasvaara, the other in Saarenkylä).

Professionals at your service

Lapin Liikuntakinikka employs a diverse group of health professionals, such as physiotherapists, sports masseurs and lymph therapists.


Our partners

Our partner Comeback Center helps to rehabilitate even severe injuries with the help of an individually designed intensive rehabilitation program. With the help of Finland’s best professionals and versatile facilities, the patient can focus on what really matters – getting back to their peak capability.


From rehabilitation to athletic performance!

FysitTrainer -coaching is suitable for post-rehabilitation training for both people who value their mobility as well as athletes whose goal is the performance level specific to the sport.

It’s not the starting level that counts, it’s the mentality; your desire to reach your goals! We help!

In FysiTrainer -coaching, you train under the guidance of your coach. Your own FysiTrainer makes sure that the focus is on the right things, from the start of the training to the end towards your goal. The coaching includes regularly updated gym training programs and interval training, which are designed just for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and request an offer!

We also do coaching in small groups to companies also!

Best regards,

FysiTrainer, PT Markus Mäkiniemi

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